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熱中症の予防と対策について(How to Prevent Heatstroke)

















This summer is exceptionally hot in Japan. 
Heatstroke is a serious issue at this moment.
Please take good care of yourself during your travel.
Please feel free to ask our staff if you aren’t feeling well.

Drink water and take a small amount of salt before you get thirsty

Make sure to take plenty of water with you.
Drink plenty of fluid which contains salt even when you are not thirsty.

Sleep well

Bad sleeping is a major cause for heatstroke. Please have a good sleep.

Wear light and cool clothes

Wear a hat, and loose fitting clothes.
We recommend to wear breathable and fast drying clothes.

Keep out of sun and hot places

Protect yourself from the sun by using a hat or a sun umbrella that creates some shade.

Keep cool with ice products

Utilize icy products such as cooling sheet and scarf, which you can buy at a pharmacy store. In order to cool down your body efficiently, we suggest that you cool down your neck or other parts of your body that is close to your blood vessels. 

Take a break frequently

When you are working or staying at strong sunlight area for a while, please take a frequent rests and maintain your body temperature.

Heat Stress Index: WBGT

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is an environmental index representing temperature, humidity and radiation as major factors affecting human heat balance . 
Check your local WBGT before you go out.

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