CONCEPT Aim for the inns in the streets that will make your travel fun.

Shibamata, a lower town with the lingering nostalgia felt through the sound of cutting candy,
and the smell of grilled senbei (rice crackers). Even with it's nostalgia this town has new
discoveries waiting with welcoming inns that touch on the charm.
As a hub of the area, and a place to intermingle with other travelers.
From Shibamata to Japan and the world,
discover the lesser known side of Tokyo.

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HOSTEL The SHIBAMATA FU-TEN BED & LOCAL is simple and reasonable lodging with the image of Tokyo's lower towns, overflowing with the playfulness of Showa architecture in it's renovation.

You can choose from Japanese style or western style rooms from all of the individual guest rooms.
With a lounge and courtyard where guests can relax and feel at home, and a laundry and shared
kitchen prepared for customers staying for a long period of time.

Room type Capacity Shower Fee
Japanese style room 2 people Share 3,000JPY~ / per person per night
Western style room
2 people Share 3,000JPY~ / per person per night
Western style room
(Private Shower)
2 people Private Shower 9,000JPY~ / per person per night
Private room for 4 people 4 people Share 11,800JPY~/per room per night
Illust of Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi
Illust of Plug
Outlet Plug (Free)
Illust of shower
Shower (Free)
Illust of landory
Landry (¥200~)
Illust of share kitchen
kitchen (Free)
Illust of Lounge
Illust of common space
Common Space
Illust of library
Illust of wheel chair
Guest room
for wheelchair
■About SHIBAMATA FU-TEN BED & LOCAL ■Free Service ■Rental and sell
Maximum number of guests 102 people 24h shower Toothbrush set (sale) ¥50
Check in 16:00~22:00 Hair Dryer Slippers (sale) ¥50
Check Out ~11:00 Coat Hanger Bath towel (rental) ¥200
Front Desk 07:00~22:00 Shampoo Dryer ¥100~
Shower Room 24-hour Body soap Printing ¥10~
Laundry 07:00~23:00 Ear plugs  


Floor guide
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ACCESS You'll never run out of places to see with places overflowing with charm in the lower towns like shopping markets and the Shibamata Taishakuten, please make the effort to come and see at your leisure.

How to go Shibamata FU-TEN Bed and Local

1. Continue to the path to Taishakuten(Temple).
2. When you get to the crosswalk in front of Taishakuten, turn left.
3. Cross the cross walk. 
4. When you see a shop called Miyagawa(宮川), continue the path to the walk.
5. Turn right when you see Kanamachi Water Purification Plant and walk until you see
  FU-TEN on your right side.


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7-12-19 Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-0052

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BOOKING  We are looking forward to you visiting FU-TEN!

  • ● Please make payment when you check-in.
    ● We accept cash only when you pay at front desk.
    ● Children up to the age of 15 are only taken in for lodging if accompanied by a guardian.
    ● People aged 16 and over are welcome to stay by themselves.
    ● This is a non-smoking facility.
    ● Please contact us for booking with for more than 11 people.
    ● When you wish to cancel after 2 days before the day of arrival, cancellation fee will
    be charged. Please ask for more details.


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