Get discount on your stay based on the numbers of your followers and likes!??

Target stay date : 2018/3/5~2018/10/31

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CAMPAIGN OVERVIEWCampaign overview

The discount amount is calculated based on the numbers of your followers and the likes you receive on your social media post about our hostel.
Total number of your followers + Likes on your post Discount
1,000 - 2,000 500 yen discount
2,001 - 3,000 1,000 yen discount
3,001 - 4,000 2,000 yen discount
4,001 -  3,000 yen discount(TwinRoom only)

You can add the number of your followers on both Facebook and Instagram!


  • 01
    First, check in as usual
    Please pay full price for your stay upon check-in.
  • 02
    Follow our official accounts
    facebook:Shibamata FU-TEN Bed and Local
  • 03
    Post content on your social media
    Before checking-out, please post content on your social media that satisfies the requirements
  • 04
    Show your social media accounts to our staff
    Please come to our front desk to show the following:
    1) You are following our official Instagram and Facebook accounts
    2) The numbers of followers on your Instagram and Facebook
    3) The number of likes you received on the content you posted during your stay
  • 05
    We will pay you back!
    We will pay you back the discounted amount

HASHTAG & URLHashtags and URL for your post

To qualify for the discount, the content you post must include all of the hashtags and URL below.



When you enter through the main entrance, this traditional Japanese fabric called "noren" and friendly staff will welcome you. Please enjoy the experience of entering through this "noren."

FU-TEN is a simple and reasonable lodging with the atmosphere of Tokyo's lower towns, overflowing with the playfullness of Showa architecture in it's renovation.

You can choose from Japanese style or western style rooms that are all private, perfect for staying with family, partner and friends. It is a great place to stay when coming to Tokyo for business or holiday.

Since there is a courtyard, shared-kitchen space and shower and laundry facilities, we recommend you to stay with us if you are looking for a long-term lodging in Tokyo.

NOTESTerms and conditions:

  • You must post content with photos
  • The content has to include all of the specified hashtags and URL
  • You must follow our official Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • You may only count the likes on one content that you posted during your stay
  • The discount can only be given once per person
  • Posting content does not include instagram stories
  • Your social media accounts have to be public and not private
  • Even if the amount of discount is greater than the price paid for accommodation, only the price paid can be returned
  • The discunt can be given only on your stay, and the amenities and food are not included
  • This campaign cannot be combined with any other discount